Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Garden Parfait

A client wanted a little curb appeal in front of her shop on NE Alberta Street. Garden Gal to the rescue! We started with ginormous galvanized tubs that normally provide beverages to farm animals. Then we added layers...just like a parfait.

First layer: River rock. Lots of it. The rock has 2 purposes...to provide drainage and to make sure the containers don't get "borrowed" by someone.

Next layer: add landscape fabric to to help keep soil from slipping through the rocks. Water will drain through, so our plants don't drown.

Bark dust follows. This was done simply as a cost saving measure...Bark dust costs much less than planting soil.

Next, we add a layer of about 9" of enriched planting soil.

And here's our final product...filled with grasses and perennials!

A beautiful garden parfait!

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